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What are the UN SDGs?

In 2015 the United Nation created 17 core sustainable development goals (SDGs) to create a visible roadmap of issues that need to be addressed for the long-term prosperity of people and planet. While originally government focused, the UN SDGs have been adopted by companies, investment managers and investors as a map for allocating to impact investments.



Private philanthropy and governments fund some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that 193 countries agreed to work toward by 2030. But there is an estimated $2.5 trillion annual funding shortfall which makes it imperative that private capital be mobilized to address these pressing issues. We believe Citizen Mint can be a conduit in providing access to opportunities that address these items. We hope you’ll join us!

Investment Required to Hit Target

Net zero by the year 2040 (no additional greenhouse gas emissions generated) is the goal for avoiding dire climate change. Getting there will require global commitment and worldwide investment of $1-$2 trillion each year (about 1% to 2% of global GDP), according to estimates by Wellington Investment Management, a leader in climate investing in both public and private markets.


Climate Change Solutions in Five Sectors

Below are five areas where we see major investment potential as it relates to climate change.

1. Renewable Energy

Wind, solar, batteries, and waste-to-energy

2. Resource Sustainability & Efficiency

Energy efficiency solutions, carbon capture & storage, reforestation, environmental remediation and fire monitoring & prevention

3. Water Efficiency & Infrastructure

Water efficiency, water treatment & security

4. Transportation

Electric vehicles, logistics software and sensors & monitoring

5. Food & Agriculture

Plant-based and cell-based foods, food waste reduction, climate resilient crops, weather analytics, indoor farming

Citizen Mint believes that while climate change produces very difficult and distinct challenges, it will also drive innovative solutions and investment opportunities. Find out how you can be part of the solution.

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