Citizen Mint

Exclusive access to private market impact investments

Curated access to top-tier fund managers
Curated access to top-tier fund managers
Investment minimums starting at $10k
Investment minimums starting at $10k
Rigorous due diligence
Diversification for client portfolios
Diversification for client portfolios
Positive social or environmental impact
Positive social or environmental impact

Benefits to Advisors

Private Market Access 

Offer your clients access to a curated list of exclusive alternative investment opportunities

Sourcing & Due Diligence Expertise

Our extensive network and rigorous due diligence process gives your clients access to top tier opportunities saving you time that can be better utilized servicing clients

Reach & Retain Clients

The demand for alternatives and opportunities that align capital with values is rising dramatically. Stay ahead of industry trends and grow your practice.


Citizen Mint provides advisors with extensive resources that advisors can white label and use in their practice including white papers, blogs and dashboard views of how a client should allocate to alternatives based on goals and values.

How Citizen Mint Solves Advisor's Challenges

Private Market Sourcing

Sourcing new private market investment opportunities is time consuming and challenging

Citizen Mint’s Due Diligence Expertise

Tap into our due diligence to discover top opportunities seeking to maximize returns while solving global problems

No Access to Alternatives

Accessing the best alternatives is difficult and minimums are usually too high for clients

Alternatives Access & Lower Minimums

Diversify your client’s portfolio with simple access to alternatives with lower minimums

Need to Differentiate from Competitors

It is increasingly more challenging to differentiate your services from competitors

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the rising demand for impact investments by offering clients unique opportunities aligned with their values

Understand how Citizen Mint can provide you with a competitive advantage

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Private Markets

How does Citizen Mint support financial advisors?

Retain and grow your business by diversifying your client’s investment portfolio while still ensuring it aligns with their values. Some of the top benefits our advisors experience include:

Powerful technology to track investments on both financial and impact metrics

Differentiate yourself from traditional financial advisors & wealth managers

Diversify your investment offerings and reduce the volatility of client returns

Attract Millennial clients who both want access to alternatives and impact opportunities

Position yourself as a leader in sustainability and impact investment advising

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Utilize Citizen Mint's numerous resources

Use our dashboard to understand how clients should allocate to private markets and get free white labeled reports for clients

Select investments

Review opportunities that meet your clients financial and non-financial goals

Open Investment Opportunities


Asset Allocation Planner

Input a client’s investment portfolio value and navigate between various financial objectives to see an example allocation across private market investment categories.


Learn how Citizen Mint simplifies private market investing

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