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Why invest with Citizen Mint?

Access to private markets

Diversify your portfolio with access to curated alternative investments

Expert Sourcing & Due Diligence

Our extensive network and rigorous due diligence process gives you access to vetted top tier opportunities

Impact with returns

Invest for returns as well as positive social and environmental outcomes

Are you a financial advisor or wealth manager?

Retain and grow your business by diversifying your client’s investment portfolio while still ensuring it aligns with their values. 

Why should you work with Citizen Mint?

Powerful technology to track investments on both financial and impact metrics

Differentiate yourself from traditional financial advisors & wealth managers

Position yourself as a leader in impact investment advising

Attract Millennial clients who both want access to privates and impact opportunities

Diversify your investment offerings and reduce the volatility of client returns

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Are you an accredited investor?

Finally, your investments can generate returns while solving the world’s largest societal and environmental challenges. 

Why should you invest with Citizen Mint?

Investing on our platform is quick & easy to start

Get comprehensive impact and financial data to track your investments

Diversify your investment portfolio

Make investments that make the world a better place

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How does Citizen Mint select Investment opportunities?

We pride ourselves in selecting impact investments others might miss. We choose investments that we know will make a positive difference in the world – while still providing a competitive risk-adjusted return. 

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Why invest in private markets?

Numerous ways to diversify your portfolios

Asset classes

Real Estate


Private Equity

Private Credit

Venture Capital

Thematic Impact Funds

Natural Resources


Citizen Mint provides direct access to well-vetted impact investments in the private markets.

Our Value-Add: Private market impact investments require a high level of vetting and due diligence, which the Citizen Mint team is especially well-equipped to provide.

Our investment team has decades of experience managing multi-billion-dollar portfolios at wealth management firms and large institutional asset managers. This includes working to develop ESG, sustainability and impact investing programs in the public and private markets.

Simply put, private investments are not traded on a public exchange. They are increasingly an area of focus for many impact investors as a way to diversify out of the public markets, while potentially helping to fund a higher level of impact and capturing a competitive market return.

Total assets invested in the private markets globally have grown dramatically over the last two decades, to $10 trillion as of the end of 2021. We do not see this growth slowing as many individuals and institutional investors continue to diversify into the private markets. Further, new opportunities are constantly arising in the private markets.

Citizen Mint is a way to participate in these new opportunities. Our platform presents private market investments that are accessible (have relatively low minimums) and which our research indicates are likely to provide material, measurable, and intentional positive impact on society or the environment as well as a solid financial return.

Many people get confused around the terminology of investments, especially between Impact Investing, SRI, and ESG.  They get used interchangeably but they’re actually very different.

Socially Responsible Investing, or SRI: Simply put, you avoid investments you think will cause damage to society or the environment.  Avoiding investments in cigarette and alcohol producers, nuclear power operators, weapons manufacturing, and fossil-fuel producers are common examples.

Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG Investing: The goal is to invest in companies striving to do what’s best for all their stakeholders — employees, customers, local communities and shareholders, while also limiting negative impact on society and the environment. ESG is more about how companies behave than the output of beneficial goods or services.

Impact Investing: The focus is on specific investment opportunities, often in the private markets.  These investments aim to solve an environmental or social challenge, while also providing a profit.  Impact investments are material, measurable and intentional, and tend to be more targeted in order to address very specific needs or challenges. That said, we recognize that many of these needs and challenges are interrelated.

  • Impact investing is not philanthropy. You do not need to sacrifice getting a return on your money to have a positive impact. We work daily to make that happen, focusing our due diligence on three metrics:
    • Return: What is the expected return on the project or opportunity?
    • Risk: What risk are you taking on and is the expected return high enough to compensate for that risk?
    • Impact: Does the investment provide material, measurable, and additional impact that could not have been accomplished by other means?
  • Ultimately, the return and risk metrics are very similar to non-impact investments, while also proving the necessary positive societal or environmental outcomes.

At the current point in time we accept investments from accredited investors, qualified purchasers and financial advisors acting on behalf of clients. We are fervently working on additional opportunities for non-accredited investors so stay tuned!

  • To be an Accredited Investor you must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Net worth excluding primary residence) higher than $1 million
    • Earned income above $200,000 a year ($300,000 if married) in each of the past two years
    • Broker’s license in good standing (Series 7, 65 or 82)
    • Assets in trusts totaling at least $5 million
  • To be an Qualified Purchaser (QP) you must meet one of the following requirements:
    • $5 million or more in investments, either independently or with a spouse
    • Family with $5 million or more invested through a company, estate, trust or nonprofit set-up for their benefit
    • Discretionary control of at least $25 million

Citizen Mint charges an assets under management fee which can range from 0.5% to 2% based on the complexity of the underlying opportunity. We try to keep fees low and look to negotiate with our sponsors and managers to reduce the ultimate fee charged to the Citizen Mint community.


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