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The Story Behind Citizen Mint

The greatest danger to our future is apathy. – Jane Goodall


At Citizen Mint, we connect investors with opportunities that align with their values or issue areas. We believe it’s the power of investors coming together that will accelerate a positive impact on our world. Josh Hile, Citizen Mint’s CEO and CIO, has been in the investment field for over a decade. He’s helped manage the pensions and 401k plans of Fortune 100 companies, and most recently, he was Director of Investment Strategy and Research at a $16 billion registered investment advisor (RIA).

Over the last few years, Josh began to recognize two major trends emerging in the investment industry — trends that are likely to create a multi-decade seismic shift in how people utilize their financial capital. The first change was clear — align financial resources with investors’ values or issue areas. This shift is happening across the age spectrum but is most evident in Millennial and Gen X investors. The second change was for more investors to gain access to private markets, opportunities usually reserved for the elite few. 

“We believe the model of exclusivity is outdated. We further believe that we can accelerate and scale our impact through increasing accessibility to these worthwhile projects that create a positive societal or environmental impact while also giving clients a financial return.”

Realizing the current construct wouldn’t let his clients hit their specific goals, Josh created Citizen Mint — a platform built to connect investors with private market opportunities that change the world, one investment at a time.

Whether that’s

  • Building or renovating thousands of multi-family affordable housing units.
  • Creating hundreds of megawatts of clean renewable energy.
  • Providing millions of dollars in development loans to underserved communities.
  • Funding innovative companies tackling pressing global challenges around energy, water, circular economies, sustainability, healthcare, etc.

In each case we will be striving for material, measurable and intentional positive impact that would not be accomplished by other means.

We are only beginning to scratch the surface. Join us and invest in a better world.

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